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Autumn Bonfire

Autumn Bonfire


One of our more masculine fragrances, this candle smells like a roaring fire on a chilly fall night: woodsmoke, with soft notes of oakmoss, apple, and fir needles.

  • Fragrance Profile

    Rating: 5

    We rate our fragrances on a sliding scale from 1 (fresh and subtle) to 5 (moderate) to 10 (heavy and rich).

    A candle closer to the fresh side of the scale will make a great accent to a room, but will not necessarily be the first thing you notice when walking in. A candle in the middle won't overpower those who don't like rich candle fragrances, but it will definitely stand out more than a fresh candle. A candle closer to the rich side of the scale will be one of those "fresh bread in the oven" type of scents - it will easily fill a room and the scent will linger long after the candle is out. 

  • Product Option Information

    Burn Time and Jar Sizes

    There are many variables which affect burn time, such as draftiness in the room and the length of the wick. We strongly recommend using candle toppers for our larger (12oz and above) candles. They are very precisely wicked, but in colder weather or drafts caused by busy HVAC systems, it is harder for the flame to evenly distribute the heat and can result in a little residual wax on the side of the jar. A candle topper eliminates this problem, and will extend the life of the candle by several hours. If you don't already own one, candle toppers can be purchased cheaply online.

    Our 4oz candles come in square mason jars have an average burn time of 20 hours. They are actually closer to 5oz by weight.

    Our 8oz candles also comes in square mason jars and burn for around 30-35 hours.

    Our 16oz candles are double-wicked and come in large apothecary jars with gold lids. They hold approximately 16 ounces of wax and are capable of burning for more than 50 hours.

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